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Athlete and Coach of the Month


The ISCA is proud to present monthly coach and athlete awards to deserving and dedicated members of our communities. These awards are based on many factors, including experience, attitude, dedication, effort, respect, and a focus on the ISCA values.

    Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta: Values
  • Accountability - Coaches and athletes chosen for the award are accountable. They focus on the success of the team and community rather than only themselves. They hold their team and themselves accountable and work to ensure that all athletes and coaching staff are working together to achieve the teams common goal.
  • Commitment - Coaches and athletes chosen for the award are committed. They have an inner drive to achieve the goals set out by themselves and/or their team and they commit themselves to bettering themselves and/or their team as an athlete or coach. They may also show a commitment to bettering their communities through sport.
  • Integrity - Coaches and athletes chosen for the award show integrity. They are honest, respectful, professional, and play by the rules. They are trustworthy individuals who lead by example and demonstrate sportsmanship, fair play and ethics in sports.


Athletes must be Indigenous (First Nations, M├ętis, Inuit) and under the age of 25 (born in 1994 and later).

Coaches can be Indigenous or non-Indigenous but MUST be coaching within an Indigenous Community, an Indigenous team or the coach of an Indigenous individual.

Applicants must be active within the 180 days prior to the month of the nomination being submitted for. Applicants must demonstrate sportsmanship, fair play, and ethics in sports. Priority will go to those currently playing the sport of the season. For example, summer sports and winter sports.